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Student Loan  Aggressive Payoff Program

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Zero Money Down

 Take advantage of ALL of the BENEFITS of REAL ESTATE investing using NONE of YOUR MONEY!

Zero Experience Required

SLAPP is specifically designed for first time real estate investors. No real estate investment experience is required.

Out of State Investors Welcome

It is not required for you to live in the city where you are investing to participate in the program.

Guaranteed Profit

 This program is designed for you to WIN! Your participation in the program calculates built -in risks so that you walk away with MONTHLY profit.

Benefits of SLAPP 

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Investing Like You've Never Heard Of Before

 SLAPP is an innovative program for first-time real estate investors that enables investors to use monthly profits from renting real estate investment properties to PAY OFF student loans. No money down. Rehab costs covered. Profits guaranteed.*


About Legacy Leavers

For more than 10 years, Legacy Leavers has provided non-secured funding to business owners and individuals throughout the United States.  The company is responsible for providing more than $10 Billion in funding to help employees fund their business ownership dreams, assist entrepreneurs with business expansion, and provided investors with start-up capital.


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